A comparison test of an authentic versus a fake iPad: all you need to know

A crisis is good for the fortunate ones. And fake products as well. The point is to know the way in order to avoid the latter.

Sometime, during the ‘80s that is, turkish Lacoste were surprisingly recognizable. Today, french ones are the exception to the rule. It’s pretty much the same for technology.

In a times when the iPad gives you a status as a conscious gadget lover, many are those who want to live the dream. Or at least touch its screen. Well, it’s easier than you think to fall victim to a con.

With the help of iSquare, that provided us with both an authentic and a fake iPad, we were able to perform the following comparison test. Which helps you avoid falling into a trap. Tip: avoid buying a stolen or copycat iPad. It’s the least you can do in order to safeguard your investment in this kind of times.

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