Unlace: a string that... unravels the chaos of your cables

One of the most annoying problems you could have is one of cables that are often tangled in an endless knot that takes a lot of time and steely nerves to unravel.

So, here’s a new project, also recently published on Kickstarter, that comes with the purpose of solving this problem for you. It’s a special gadget called Unlace, created by two friends, Cindy and Dante, who, as they said, love their iPhones but hate the tangled cables of their earphones. They were inspired by the laces on their sneakers.

So, this is a colorful, elastic, rotating lace, which is tasked with keeping your cables in order, so you won’t go crazy whenever you see them tangled.

Of course you can keep using it over and over without wearing or tearing it. It’s made out of silicone and a special kind of wire inside, so it can be shaped as you like, while maintaining the texture of an actual lace, and is available in lengths of 5 or 10 inches, for a short or long cable entanglement, respectively.

Watch the video to find out more about how you can use Unlace.

Source : Ubergizmo

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