No, it’s not a photo. It’s a penciled sketch.

It looks incredible, but this photo is NOT a photo! It is a sketch (yes, sketch) by 22 year-old Diego Fazio (aka Diego Koi). This young Italian started by designing tattoos, and then decided to channel his persistance and talent to unbelievable realistic sketches.

His work is available on Deviant Art, where you can also see the various stages of making this portrait, so you can be persuaded that it has been made exclusively by pencil, as well as freshen up your Italian and read a mini biography of the 22 year-old.

Inspired by Japanese artists, he decided to leave the world of tattoos, and work exclusively on faces. His work has already been exhibited and awarded several times. We are sure we’ll soon see him becoming popular beyond his country’s borders, along with the great ones.

Sources : Gizmodo, BuzzFeed

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