The first movie filmed completely in Antarctica

Many movies and documentaries have been filmed more or less in Antarctica, but there was no movie filmed completely in the coldest and most south continent on the Earth. This, until the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) team, decided to set up cameras and put to use some of the most magical scenes on this planet, in order to film South Of Sanity.

Responsible for this idea was a member of BAS, documentary maker and expert mountaineer, Kirk Watson, who helps scientists find their way through the harsh Antarctic environment, when he’s out of ideas.

The entire cast and crew of this “amateur” thriller are members of BAS, that is geologists, biologists and engineers who had a great time letting their inner actor out. But of course they nearly froze to death. Because it’s definitely an issue when you have to be a corpse out in the polar cold, no matter how used you are to this kind of weather conditions.

As for the story, this is about a remote base in Antarctica, where 14 people are trapped there for 9 months. When they lose all communication, people will organize a rescue mission, who will find none alive when they get there. Definitely based on John Carpenter’s The Thing, this film will debut in the UK during Halloween.

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