Officially announced. The cheapest Windows Phone device by Nokia is now a fact.

It’s called Lumia 510, but you knew that already. Remember? We had written about this before.

Jo Harlow, executive vice president for Nokia smart devices, says the Lumia 510 is one more proof that they are still committed to make Windows Phone devices more accessible to all.

Or, in the language of journalism, the Finnish do what they can to increase sales. Whether it’s about profit or the number of units sold, the result is the same. The cheap Lumia model has to be Nokia’s way to a better future.

Don’t think of it as something special. It features a 4-inch screen with a WVGA resolution, and besides the integration of FM radio, it’s a classic Windows Phone device.

Remember the Lumia 610? Well, it’s like this, but with a slightly larger panel and only 4 GB of storage that are not nearly enough for anything. The good thing is that “baby Lumia” will cost no more than 160 euros, and will be available in red, white, black and yellow colors. No word on availability for Greece, though. You shouldn’t expect it here, at least for now.

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