Want the iPhone 5? Preordering starts at midnight.

It won’t be long now. As soon as the clock turns 00:01 (tonight at midnight), you will be able to make your dream (so to speak) come true. That is, by preordering the iPhone 5 on the websites of Cosmote and Vodafone.

If all goes well, the devices will be delivered on November 6th, but you should not hold your breath. The release date of the iPhone 5 for Greece has already changed four times, and it’s likely to change just as many more, unless Apple resolves issues about production and not so much about artificially high demand that the company creates every time.

As for the prices, these will be the same as the ones Multirama already published, even if they removed the page soon after. But it’s no bother listing them again for you.

iPhone 5 16GB - 739 euros

iPhone 5 32GB - 859 euros

iPhone 5 64GB - 979 euros

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