The Internet Archive is now as big as 10 petabytes

The Internet Archive is a huge project that has been accumulating information about the internet from 1996 to this day, to be stored as memorabilia for generations to come. These days it reached a milestone of its own, quite significant for its people, and indicative for us who try to perceive the internetic size. The Internet Archive has stored 10,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of information, aka 10 petabytes.

This is information about the entire internet history, with cultural elements, through depiction of all websites published online. The Internet Archive, using proprietary software, grabs screens from all websites, since the day they went online. This is not only available to them. We can also make a journey through a website’s time (DigitalLife, preferably) by visiting Wayback Machine, the internet’s own time machine.

As huge as 10 petabytes of information sounds, it’s not so much. It’s a small percentage compared to what is stored in data centers like Facebook’s or Google’s. The difference is that all of the information gathered by The Internet Archive is... well, archived. That is, appropriately put together.

Take a ride through internet’s past. It’s quite interesting to watch the big online bang and the changes to the internet, which are still going on.

Sources : The Internet Archive Blog, Gizmodo

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