This bridge takes on any truck in the world

Dear truck driver, you may believe that the size (of your trailer) matters). You may also believe that street signs have been placed for anyone but you. Because you are god among truck drivers.

There is however a bridge that has totally beaten hundreds of your colleagues and has been standing tall for 100 years now, laughing at every macho driver who tries to prove that he knows better. Watch the video. It is invincible.

The bridge in Durham town, USA, was constructed 100 years ago to service the railway route. When it was built, there were no problems with the height of vehicles passing under it. 3 meters and 60 centimeters were enough for any carriage driver who wanted to take a ride through the town streets.

But the world changed in the meantime. Town authorities took wind of it, and so have placed warning signs up to 3 blocks away from the bridge. A lot of signs. Smart signs, like the one in the photo.

Even so, at least one per month, there is a truck, bus or any other kind of tall vehicle that loses a battle with this bridge. Which means that it’s deceptively small to the eye.

Source : Gizmodo

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