The first photos of Steve Jobs’ yacht

Those of you who have read Steve Jobs’ biography, written by Walter Isaacson, must have also read about a prototype yacht that Steve Jobs had ordered so he could take his family on trips to the sea around the world.

He did not get the chance to see it finished. But the yacht, named Venus, made its first appearance in Holland yesterday, at the popular De Vries shipyard. The blogger from One More Thing was there and took some exclusive photos.

The design process for the 80-meter Venus lasted nearly 6 years, and took a lot of personal work, both by Steve Jobs, as well as popular designer Philippe Starck. The latter had mentioned the ship during a radio interview for a french station, reaching out to many who assumed this partnership would be about one more Apple product.

As you can see in the photos, Steve Jobs’ obsession with smooth lines and metal is apparent, as aluminium and glass, that we love so much in Apple devices, dominate the ship. Inside the Venus control room, there are even some iMacs installed.

Steve Jobs’ family was there for the ship’s unveiling, in an elegant event where only a few close friends and the shipyard’s employees were invited. These people also received a personalized gift.

According to One More Thing, at this time Venus is on its way to the United States.

Sources : OneMoreThing, The Verge

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