New York: photos of mass transportation in a “ghost-city” waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), the organization responsible for mass transportation in New York, uploaded on their Flickr account photos of the entire city and its mass transport, as they were because of special measures while waiting for Hurricane Sandy to pass through.

An almost abandoned ghost-city with locations that usually teem with life, like Grand Central Station and Penn Station being empty, just like popular Metro stations, like the one near busy Times Square.

The only signs of life in the city’s mass transport, as you can see in the photos, had to do with preparations and precautions, so there would be no problems from nature’s “hostilities”, and the Hurricane that was about to descend upon the city a few hours later than this.

Take a look at the photos to get a taste of New York like you have not seen before.

Source : The Verge

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