Purchasing 1 million emails of Facebook users for 5 dollars

Bogonil Shopov, a Bulgarian blogger claims that he purchased the email addresses of 1 million Facebook users for only 5 dollars!

He bought the data through an ad he saw on a website called GigaBucks, and then published this information on his personal blog, called The ad has since been removed from Gigabucks, and the user banned, but the case seems to be well under the spotlight.

Publishing this fact forced Facebook’s security team to contact the blogger and find out what went on. In fact, as the Bulgarian blogger claims, Facebook asked him to keep the discussion with the popular website’s admins a secret, and not reveal any part of it.

Of course he published everything, and the case is now on the radar of top american tech sites, like Gizmodo and Mashable.

But how were all these email addresses put together? In this case, according to the seller, this happened via a Facebook app, and it seems it’s the only way to do this, as exporting this kind of data directly from Facebook is impossible.

This is what Facebook claims as well, as when its admins were asked to comment on the fact, they said they are doing everything to protect users from anyone trying to expose their personal information. As far as this incident is concerned, they have their engineers investigating.

Sources : Ubergizmo via Mashable

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