What’s new in Gmail? A new message composition window.

Google presented a new way to compose messages in Gmail, that according to the company, improves the user experience of their email service.

So, instead of opening a new page to compose a new message, you can start a new popup window, which layers upon the Gmail page, kind of like the Gmail chat window.

This new change is already available in preview mode, and Gmail invites you to try this new experience, while first letting you know exactly how it works.

With the new way to compose messages in Gmail, it’s now easier to locate older messages when composing a new one, as you no longer have to leave the online service’s homepage.

Additionally, you can now compose multiple messages at the same time, or even minimize a message in order to complete editing later. The new way to compose emails, “borrows” one more feature from desktop email clients, which is drag & dropping contacts.

For now, this new feature is optional, but Google mentions it will become available to all, within the next few months.

Source : Web Monkey

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