Lebron James makes Samsung Galaxy Note 2 look like a regular sized phone

The truth is that lately, most of Samsung’s ads were about butting heads with Apple. But here, we have something slightly different. It’s an original spot, in which stars Lebron James and his big hands, next to to a (not a big as one actually thought) Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The camera follows Lebron through his daily activities, with family and friends, even at his work. Along with him though, co-stars the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the new korean phablet with a 5.5-inch super AMOLED screen.

Even so, Samsung’s “big” Galaxy model looks regular sized next to Lebron James’ big hands, who in this ad, finds a phone to fully satisfy his needs, in the korean company’s product.

Watch the commercial video.

Source : TechCrunch

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