0 the official website of the new service by Kim DotCom

Kim DotCom, through his personal Twitter account (@KimDotCom), presented the new domain name for his much expected new service, called Mega, about which we had learnt some details previously.

It’s where you’ll only find a simple teaser site for the moment, as the service is expected to officially launch next January, one year after the ambiguous police invasion to his house, that everyone talked about.

At this point, redirects to The website itself, in which a large Mega logo poses, along with a mouse click hand, which invites you to enter your email and be the first to know about the new service’s launch.

As we had written before, the new service by Kim DotCom will also be about file sharing, like MegaUpload was, but it will be slightly different, enabling users to encrypt files, and decrypt them with a second password, for increased security.

We’ll know more on January 20th.

Source : TNW

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