Odysseas Elitis as a Google doodle

Google honored 101 since the birth of Nobel-winner poet Odysseas Elitis, with a special doodle. Elegantly designed with a greek color theme, it is surely something to be proud of.

The doodle shows an olive tree, a ship and a bunch of grapes, hinting to a popular verse by the great poet himself.

“If you deconstruct Greece, all that remains is an olive tree, a vineyard and a ship. Which means, you can reconstruct it if you multiply those.”

Odysseas Elitis was born on November 2nd 1922, in Heraclion, Crete, and his name is actually a literary alias for Odysseas Alepoudelis. He passed away on March 18th 1996 of heart attack in Athens.

In 1960 he received the State Poetry Award and in 1979 he received the Nobel Literature Prize. He was known, among others, for his poetic works of Axion Esti, Sun the First, Directions, and others.

Sources : Google, Wikipedia

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