Oakley Airwave: you have not seen ski glasses like this before

It’s not a simple pair of glasses, of course. The Airwave features an impressive HUD (heads-up display), literally changing the way you look at things, without stopping you from safely playing your favorite sport.

The Airwave is full os tech goodies, like GPS, Bluetooth and a series of sensors. As for the HUD, it is 14 inches wide and enables you to view information, up to 1.5 meters from your head.

In fact, you can connect it to your smartphone, allowing direct display of incoming calls and text messages, as well as music playlists. It’s compatible both with iOS and Android devices.

As for the rest of its features, these include, among others, the option to change lenses, analysis for your jumps and speed, and of course, high quality Oakley optics. What more could one ask for?

Sources : Gear Hungry & Engadget

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