Facebook experiments again: reply to comments and audible notifications

Facebook is constantly experimenting with changes that sometimes we find appealing, and other times annoying.

So, it seems one of the tests they are doing lately, are about the ability to directly reply to comments posted on your timeline. That is, it lets you... reply to someone’s reply.

A Facebook representative confirmed this experiment, mentioning to Mashable that they are thinking of establish the ability of replying to each comments individually, and not just posting something else below.

In the screenshot, taken from the Twitter account by Pavel Konoplenko, you can see exactly how this appears on profiles.

We should note that this is not the only change we read about these last few days. There have been numerous reports of Facebook also testing a new audible notification system, for when someone posts on your timeline. This last one apparently has not thrilled many of the beta testers, even though some may find it useful. We however, are glad to know that this sound can easily be disabled.

Source : Mashable

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