And the most popular smartphone is...

According to stats by Strategy Analytics, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most popular smartphone, during the 3rd quarter in 2012.

So, it seems that 18 million units (10.7% of the market total), of Samsung’s smartphone were shipped between July and September, while 16.2 million units (9.7% of market total) of the iPhone 4S were shipped.

Of course if we add to these numbers the first iPhone 5 sales (6 million units / 3.6% market total), then total Apple shipments amount to 22.2 million units. The three devices we just mentioned, cover 24% of market total, which was an impressive feat for Samsung and Apple.

In any case, the iPhone 5 seems to be rising dramatically during the 4th quarter, which means the balance of market share may shift once again.

Source : Slashgear

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