A camera made out of LEGO blocks

We’ve had it with DSLR and super mini cameras, double-digit megapixels and outworldish zoom levels. Well, enough of all that! It’s time to take a look at a different kind of product, like the Nanoblock by Fuuvi. It’s a series of cameras, made out of something like LEGO blocks.

What’s awesome about this, is that it’s fully customizable, which means owners can go all creative, adding and removing pieces at will. Of course, its tech specs are not much. There is no LCD screen, but only a viewfinder, even though there is the ability to record video in NTSC resolution.

The Nanoblock only costs 55 dollars. Yeah, OK, it’s not the most powerful camera you have ever seen, but it’s definitely the most original one. And it’s a super nice present in view of Christmas season.

Source : Gizmodo

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