Still not registered? If you are a developer, you’ll be interested in this.

The first Blackberry Hackathon in Greece is now a fact. If you have trouble believing, click here to find out details.

Here’s the basics you should know.

The Hackathon will take place on Saturday, December 8th, at the Athens War Museum. And of course, developer old pal, admittance is free, after you register first.

Now, it makes sense that you would ask what a Hackathon is.

It’s an event organized by RIM, along with GreekBerry, which obviously targets developers exclusively. When Hackathon starts, participants will be separated into groups, and will be asked to create an application for the QNX or BlackBerry 10 operating systems, until the day ends.

In the end, all groups will present their applications, and the best ones in each category will receive awards. Yes, it’s as simple and as interesting as it sounds. Won’t you take part?

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