A cloud in a room that is not an illusion

What’s it like when it gets cloudy in a room? Dutch artist Berndnaut Smidle shows us how, and we assure you, it’s not an illusion.

The concept is very simple. He reserves empty art spaces in Holland, and uses a little science to achieve this amazing and very temporary result. He adjusts the humidity and temperature of these spaces in ideal conditions, and then uses a mist-producing machine (like those used on stages for show), to make a perfect cloud that floats around for a few seconds.

His work is very temporary. The life expectancy of each cloud is no longer than 10 to 15 seconds. So, the only way to see his art is to be there when he does it, or through his impressive photos.

He chooses special spaces, like empty churches and art spaces. His technique is so temporary, it seems futile. But besides the fantastic stills, we really like his journey through outworldly images and humorous cartoons of unlucky characters, followed by a cloud wherever they go.

Now watch this video, secured by a dutch website, to make sure it’s not an illusion or a Photoshop edit.

Sources : Washington Post, Peta Pixel

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