The first signs of trouble with the Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s Surface tablet, RT version, has been available in several countries for only a couple of weeks, but it seems users have already started pointing out the first signs of trouble.

Many reports in Microsoft’s forums concern trouble with audio, and specifically cases when sound stops completely, or plays back with gaps, when the Surface is otherwise occupied or in standby.

Additionally, there are several reports on the internet about problems with the Touch Cover, which in some cases seems to “tear” at various spots, exposing the cable inside.

This issue has been experienced, among others, by The Verge’s Tom Warren, and developer Matthew Baxter Reynolds, who have published photos of their devices.

The tear seems to be attributed to extreme use of the cover, when for example a user bends it while holding the Surface on their lap, or when they lie down to read something. In these cases, some suggest to detach the keyboard to avoid additional wear for the device.

This problem has apparently caught the eye of Microsoft’s people, who have sometimes replaced the covers in trouble, at no additional cost.

Source : The Verge & The Guardian

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