Apple donated 2.5 million dollars to Hurricane Sandy victims

When Steve Jobs was in charge, Apple did not enjoy the reputation of a company into charity. Of course, maybe they just did not announce such initiative, but in any case, journalists did not have many news of this kind to publish.

Tim Cook seems to think differently about this, bringing up the american company’s interest for those who suffer. A few days ago, taking a cue from Hurricane Sandy, Apple cooperated with the Red Cross, creating a page on iTunes, where anyone could donate money directly.

Now, as we read on an announcement by Tim Cook himself to his partners, the company offers 2.5 million dollars to Hurricane Sandy victims.

Though we do not consider necessary for every single charity donation to be announced, we like the fact that Tim Cook has this kind of action on his mind as well. Maybe this is a part of Apple that changes for the better, under his management.

Source : Ubergizmo via 9to5mac

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