Renewed and wonderful friendship pages on Facebook

Facebook announced a significant visual update to their friendship pages, that include common activities between you and a friend.

They added some timeline-profile charm to them, so they can match the rest of Facebook, now.

Facebook creates automatically timeline profiles for couples, on, if you activate the option “in a relationship” or “married” with a loved one.

If you wish to view the common page between you and a friend, you can do so in the way you knew so far, that is with the “see friendship” option, except now you’ll see the timeline profile, and not the old “retired” version.

Friendship pages show timeline posts you have exchanged with a friend, events you both attended, photos you are both tagged in, and pages you both like.

This update has already started becoming available to users, notifying them with a welcome message about the renewed friendship pages, through which there is also the “share friendship” option. Nice to have all that!

Source : The Verge

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