A theme park dedicated to toilets

Asians have strange inspiration sources anyway, and this time it’s news from Korea. The Restroom Cultural Park, the first theme park dedicated to toilets, is now a fact.

It’s located in Suwon city, and it’s dedicated to the former mayor Sim Jae Duck, a man known as Mr Toilet, who was born in a toilet and fought his entire life to improve the country’s ancient public restrooms, among others.

From bronze statues doing their business, spread throughout the building, to its shape, which as you can see in the photos reminds of a toilet head, this theme park makes its purpose clear in any case, and expresses a particular kind of humor that some like and others don’t.

It hosts a museum with objects relevant to what you can imagine, coming from Korea and other places. Toilets throughout history, various WC signs from all over the world, works of art inspired by toilets and relevant souvenirs are present in a highly original space for all visitors.

One of the most important exhibitions however, is a high-end toilet by Sim Jae Duck himself, which features a transparent door that becomes opaque when someone goes in to do their business.

You can watch more in the following video by BBC.

Sources : CNET, DailyMail

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