What can happen if you buy a “cheap iPad” on the street without checking the box contents first?

You bought an iPad and thought you made the deal of the century, as it only cost 200 dollars. In the end though, you are probably the fool of the century.

A woman from Texas was at a gas station nearby, when suddenly a man appeared in front of her and asked her to buy an iPad worth of 800 dollars, for only 200 dollars.

Ok, it sounded like a good deal, but Jalonta Freeman made the mistake to get excited without even opening the box to check what kind of iPad was she buying. Was it broken? Was it even in he box? What if? I mean really, would you go through with a transaction like this without first checking what you bought? Indeed she did. She gave the money ans walked away, just like that?

When she opened the box a little later, she found out that this deal was too good to be true, of course. The back side of what she bought may indeed looked like an iPad, but in the front side there was only a piece of paper that when removed, revealed a mirror.

And it’s like this that she bought the most expensive mirror in her life. We should mention though, that if she were a little more cautious, her 200 dollars would now have flown away like that.

Source : CNET

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