Steven Sinofsky, head of Windows department, has left Microsoft

With an announcement that surprised everyone, and came two weeks after the release of Windows 8 to the market, Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows and Windows Live departments, is leaving the american giant.

Sinofsky has been working at Microsoft for the last 23 years, and was one of the people who pointed out to Bill Gates the importance of the internet, during a time when the company could have ignored it.

In his departure note, which he edited on a Microsoft Surface RT, he mentions that the meantime between releasing a new product and working on the next one, is a good chance for a break, noting that his decision was a personal one and did not conceal anything more behind.

Of course, several sources report that during the last time, there has been increased friction between high executives in the company, which may be what led Sinofsky out of Microsoft.

Many analysts also received the news of his departure with surprise, and some mention they did not expect things to go down like that. In fact, they considered Sinofsky really high in the succession line for Steve Ballmer.

Julie Larson Green is expected to take his place, who will also be responsible for Windows software and hardware.

Source : Guardian

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