Pintofeed: a gadget to feed your pets even if you are not at home

What if you could feed your pet no matter where you are, from your phone?

The feeder in the photo is called Pintofeed and can be connected to your home’s wireless network in order to access it anywhere you are, through a mobile app.

You can even program your pet’s feeds to take place automatically, at specific times. If you own more than one pet, you can control more Pintofeeds on the same account, while multiple users can access the same Pintofeed, so every family member can feed the house pet.

When feeding is complete, you can choose to receive a notification via SMS, Twitter, even Facebook.

Pintofeed is a prototype gadget, with its creators having published their project on the Indiegogo crowd-funding website, in order to get 50.000 worth of funding. When it’s released, its expected to cost nearly 100 dollars.

Watch the video.

Source : Mashable

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