HTC Deluxe: is this the european version of the Droid DNA?

A few days after the super-wow 5-inch HTC Droid DNA was announced for the american market, a leak brought the device to Europe’s doorstep, by the name of HTC Deluxe, though we are not really sure it will be released under this name.

If a famous Twitter user, nicknamed “evleaks” is proven true, having previously revealed photos of yet unreleased phones, a lot of times, then the photo you see may be a press image of HTC’s international model, with an impressive 5-inch screen, featuring 1080p resolution and a pixel density of 440 ppi.

We don’t know more about when the device will be released in the european market, nor if its tech specs will be at all different compared to the american version, but we definitely expect it with particular interest.

Sources : Engadget & Pocket-Lint

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