A real robot by Disney

Disney’s work is almost exclusively about kids, but now it seems they are looking for ways to (partly) replace parents, beyond providing movies and toys. This will be possible with a real robot, developed at their labs in Pittsburg.

Mom-and-Pop-a-Tron 5000 is not yet ready to be commercially released, but it has evolved a lot. It can play catch, like when you throw a ball and it catches it, or it can even throw a ball at you. In fact, it’s trained to look at the ball when it catches it, just like a human would.

It uses a Kinect device to track and monitor the course of an object one throws at it, and it’s set to catch it with one hand.

As you can guess, this is only a first step to a robot by Disney, which could possibly develop to take on even more gaming activities.

For the moment, watch the following video.

Source : Mashable

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