Fox Life came to Cablenet

Cablenet raised the quality bar in its entertainment channels, by adding internationally acclaimed Fox Life, with greek subtitles, to the Cableview TV service, in position 304.

Highly awarded and popular series, intensely moving and abundantly funny, that pin millions of viewers worldwide to their couches, will be broadcasted on a 24-hour basis, through the Fox Life entertainment channel.

Its program consists of premiere, comedy, fantasy, reality and lifestyle series, which includes the most successful TV programs around the world, and has made Fox Life one of the favorite channels of men and women, in all countries it broadcasts in.

Until December 21st, Fox Life will also be available to all cable services subscribers, through the Cableview service, which is a part of all cable packs, in position 13 and frequency S10 (287.25 MHz).

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