Who is the least popular employee at Apple?

Imagine Mr. Sam Sung, during his job interview for Apple in Canada.

- What is your name?
- Sam Sung.
- Are you kidding?
- No! I really am Sam Sung.
- Sir... you are asking for trouble.
- Well no! I’m telling you, my name is Sam Sung. Here’s my ID.

This is probably how the interview started. We are sure Mr. Sung had other qualifications, besides his name, to be hired by Apple. But surely, after so many lawsuits and public arguments with the korean company, he must be getting a lot of grief from his bosses.

In case you are wondering, the business card in the photo has not been Photoshopped. We are however on the lookout for people with names like Anne Droid or Mike Roz Soft, to hat-trick the group of least popular employees at Cupertino.

Source : Gizmodo

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