Is the CPU of the Samsung Galaxy S4 revealed?

A Linux kernel patch change log has possibly revealed the CPU model that is expected to power the Galaxy S4. Besides, the Android OS is based on a Linux kernel, and this probably makes this leak a credible one.

Samsung is expected to present the new Galaxy S4, quite possibly within the first quarter next year, which will apparently integrate the fastest SoC (system on chip) the company has ever presented, the Exynos 5440, which consists of four ARM Cortex A15 cores (CPU) as well as two Mali T658 cores (GPU). The company is expected to use a 28 nm architecture to manufacture this new chip.

The choice of this particular SoC also indicates that the upcoming Galaxy S4 (the photo shows only a fan-designed concept and nothing more), will have the required power to play back and record 1080p video, for demanding gaming operations, even for slight transcoding tasks, and according to rumors will integrate a 5-inch full HD AMODEL screen (1920x1080) and a camera with a 13-MP sensor.

Samsung is also rumored to present the initial revisions of the Galaxy S4 during CES 2013, to take place in January, only to release their flagship smartphone some time between March and April.

Source : Nextpowerup

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