This is an invisible umbrella. The ultimate gadget against rain.

Imagine using the air to protect you from the rain. Imagine walking down the street, through the rain, holding only a stick, while the water falling from the sky lands around you, and not on you.

This is a concept by industrial designers Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon, who thought of the invisible umbrella. One that uses air to create a protective cover above your head and repel falling rain.

Ingenious? Absolutely. Useful? No doubt. Easy? You only have to press a button, and recharge it from time to time.

We may not yet know any details about the mechanism that activates this umbrella, as it’s still just a concept, but we think we’ll see once again a dull and daily-used product reinvented and improved. Like the nail clipper was.

Source : Yanko Design

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