A water tap that dries your hands

Dyson, a popular and favorite company, mostly for their vacuum cleaners, filed a patent for a water tap that can also dry your hands.

Such a patent may not actually solve any serious problems in your lives, but it’s a welcome one, especially in restrooms of malls or public areas.

According to a post by New Scientist, the idea is to have a sink with only one tap, featuring a nozzle that dispenses both water and air, that is 2 in 1.

Even though Dyson’s headquarters is in England, they filed this patent in the United States.

The system works with a sensor which recognizes that your palms are open, and shoots air to them, after you wash your hands first. So, users do not need to move towards a stand-alone dryer, nor even turn a switch.

We don’t know if Dyson intends to turn their patent into an actual product, but if they do, we imagine it will be a rocking one.

Source : Huffington Post via New Scientist

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