Watch this video about planet Earth and you will see what’s what

Recession has brought us to our knees. We are all depressed. We measure our lives based on how much money we have in our pockets, or mow much is missing from our budget. Things were not always like this, though. And some times we have to realize it doesn’t have to be this way, even now.

Watch one of the best videos we have seen about planet Earth. About all those places around us, that have nothing to do with money, recession or misery. It’s about us, people, as just another species that lives on this planet, together with all the rest.

But enough chatter. Turn up the volume, switch this video in full screen mode, and enjoy the picture in HD. There is much more and simpler things to life and the world, than what we have in our pockets. It’s time to remember that, once again.

Source : Edis Production (Facebook) via Gizmodo

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