How to say the verb “google” in 31 languages

Google entered the american dictionaries as a verb in 2006. Since then, many are the countries that use it, making the necessary adjustments to their language, its idioms and pronunciation.

The Atlantic Wire searched for as many versions of the verb “to google” as possible, in most languages on the planet. So far, they have found 31 different versions.

So, press “play” on the video below, to learn as many versions of the verb “google” as possible, or just read the following text.

Here’s “google” in 31 languages, and its version with latin characters, where necessary.

English - google
Spanish - googlear and guglear
Italian - googlare
Portuguese - googlar or guglar
German - googeln and googlen
French - googler
Swedish - att googla
Hebrew - l’gagel
Slovenian - proguglati or poguglati
Croatian - guglati or proguglati
Polish - googlować
Russian - гуглить (gugleet or googleet)
Japanese - ググる (guguru)
Fillipino - eēgoogle (i-google)
Finnish - googlata
Dutch - googlen
Czech - vygooglit
Korean - google ha da
Romanian - a googăli
Chinese - 谷歌 (guge or gǔgē)
Greek - γκουγκλάρω (googlaro)
Icelandic - að gúgla (ao googlah)
Turkish - googlemek
Pashto - ګوګلول (goo gul a wul)
Norwegian - Å google
Lithuania - gūglinti
Danish - at google
Ukrainian - гуглити (googlyty)
Hungarian - googlizni (gúglizni) or googölözni (gúgölözni)
Indonesian - menggoogle
Hindi - गूगल कर (google kar)

Source : The Atlantic Wire

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