Want it? You can buy it right now. It only costs 700 euros.

There’s no questioning this. That the Lumia 920 is one of the best Windows Phones. For some, it may just be the best phone, period.

Its too big size and weight aside, it’s the only device, “signed” by Microsoft that gives you everything, right out of the box. Don’t forget that the Finnish are those who paid the biggest price when they transitioned to this platform. They are also the only ones to fanatically support it, to this day.

To the point, now. This little miracle is already available on Expansys, for 700 euros plus change. 704.99 to be precise, but you shouldn’t think it’s going to cost any less when it officially comes to Greece. The latest update talks about a final price of 699 euros. Stay tuned. We’ll soon post a review. Until then, you will have plenty of time to process this.

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