A new Yahoo Mail experience for web, Android, iOS and Windows 8

Yahoo may not enjoy their former dominance, but their email service is certainly still quite popular among users. Marissa Mayer’s presence in the company was sure to bring new air, which comes to us in the form of updated versions of this service.

Through an announcement by the CEO herself, on the corporate blog, Yahoo presented the new and improved versions of Yahoo Mail for all major platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 8 and web.

The redesigned version of Yahoo Mail promises that you can receive your emails faster than ever, and makes your mailbox easier to navigate, emphasizing of your messages.

In fact, the company has released two new apps (one for iOS and one for Windows 8), while an improved app will soon be available for Android as well. We should note that unfortunately, the iOS version does not support the iPad.

As for the web version of Yahoo Mail, it’s of course updated as well, and will be made available to users during the next few days. So, if you have an email account on this popular service, stay tuned and you will soon be able to enjoy its renewed user interface.

Sources: Yahoo Blog & The Verge

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