What did we search for most in 2012?

Google has published their annual Google Zeigeist review, that includes a list of the top searches for each year. In the first place there is a singer who passed away in 2012.

It’s Whitney Houston, who got 1.2 trillion searches, surpassing even those for this year’s musical madness, the famous Gangnam Style, by Korean rapper PSY. In the third place, there is hurricane Sandy, that concerned a major percentage of Americans, among others. In the fourth place there is a familiar technological product, the iPad 3, and in the fifth place, there is Diablo 3.

As for the gadgets category however, where the iPad 3 is king of the hill, there is a strange absence of the iPhone 5. As we wrote yesterday, Time magazine has selected this one as gadget of the year. Anyway, in the second place, there is the Samsung Galaxy S3.

These are the top searches of the year all over the world.

Whitney Houston
Gangnam Style
Hurricane Sandy
iPad 3
Diablo 3
Kate Middleton
Olympics 2012
Amanda Todd
Michael Clarke Duncan

These are the top gadget searches of the year all over the world.

iPad 3
Samsung Galaxy S3
iPad Mini
Nexus 7
Galaxy Note 2
Play Station
iPad 4
Microsoft Surface
Kindle Fire
Nokia Lumia 920

There is more statistics available here.

Watch a video as well.

Source : Engadget

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