Your personal review for 2012 by Facebook

It’s the order of the days. All media, review the year that leaves us, including all areas of interest. However, besides war, rioting, elections or recession, each one of us has lived through important events during the passing year, and these have nothing to do with the above-mentioned historic events.

Facebook includes in your profiles, the option to display a review of the year, based on the 20 most important events you shared on your profiles.

How is significance determined? By counting the amount of interactivity you had with your friends on these posts. The results are not necessarily credible, as we don’t always share the most important events of our lives on Facebook.

You should try it, though. You can see a new field on the right side of your profile page, which means this feature is activated on your account. If you click this, you will be redirected to and initially see a composition of transitioning photos, like the one in the screenshot.


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