Vodafone @ The Mall Athens and Jenson Button speaking Greek

Isn’t it nice to know that the biggest Vodafone store in the world, is located at The Mall Athens, in Greece? Even if you don’t have any grudges against the Australians, who held this record until now, with a store in Melbourne.

Vodafone @ The Mall Athens opened its gates on Wednesday, and it’s more than a store. It’s a landmark.

It’s a store you just want to go to, and take a look at the latest devices, learn about operator services, ask about anything that concerns you about your device or how to use it. The internet team there, has quite the experts.

You know that if you have kids with you, they can spend their time creatively, while you are looking for a gadget and a subscription plan, with speed and bandwidth you have always dreamt of.

Taking a cue from the opening of Vodafone @ The Mall Athens, the company presented a message by popular F1 driver, Jenson Button, on a great video, full of high speed and a lot of Vodafone. Enjoy.

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