Samsung working on the Galaxy Note 3 with a 6.3-inch screen?

You should read this with a grain of salt, as the saying goes. Korea Times claims that Samsung is already working on the Galaxy Note 3, which will be even more of a phablet, as phablets go. According to this report, the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 6.3-inch screen.

Just how much bigger can something already big enough, get? That’s what we wonder about, even though Samsung has proved to dare make really big devices. It’s the company that made up the big, too big, smartphones, and established over-5-inch screens as a trend. They have also proven that the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2 have made really good sales.

On the other hand, Korea Times was the one to claim that Samsung would present the Galaxy S4 during Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, next February, which was later refuted. Let’s see who is proven correct.

Source : CNET

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