A time-lapse video of how a supercomputer is made

Have you ever wondered how a supercomputer is made? Sure, it’s an especially complex process, that requires technical know-how and time invested by many people.

But now, you can watch the entire process of how it’s assembled, in only a few minutes. The following time-lapse video, shows (fast-forwarded, obviously) how the “Fujitsu Primergy cluster high-performance supercomputer” was made, which is located in the national university of Australia.

This computer’s tech specs are more than impressive:

- 57,000 cores = 15,000 home PC’s
- 160 terabytes of RAM = 40,000 home PC’s
- 10 petabytes of hard disc = 10,000 PC hard drives
- 1,200 teraflops of peak computational performance = 5 months worth of calculations by 1 billion people armed with calculators, in just 1 second
- 9 terabyes of network = 9 million home internet bandwidth connections

It has the 24th place among the world’s top 500 supercomputers and is based on K’s technology, a supercomputer by Fujitsu, in Japan, which was previously the fastest one in the world.

Take a look at this impressive time-lapse video, and see a supercomputer like you have not seen it before.

Source : Kotaku

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