Renew your prepaid talk time from the comfort of your couch

Here’s a Greek app for smartphones, that is not only theoretically original, but practically as well. To be precise, it’s not just one app, but rather three separate ones. It’s the Wind-Recharge, Cosmo-Recharge and Voda-Recharge, which are present on both App Store and Google Play.

They were created by Niobium Labs, in cooperation with Viva and Hellas Pay, the first online bank with PCI transaction security in Greece. What is a Recharge app, you might ask? It’s free apps that enable you to renew your talk time on your mobile phone, or buy time for any other number, by charging your credit card directly.

You enter your credit card information once, and from then on, you can renew the talk time for any number you want, by charging your own credit card. This is done through a completely controlled interface, with the utmost security, by using a separate PIN number. Your screen will display the renewal code, which you have to send via SMS, and that is all. Not hard, is it? Well, what are you waiting for? Go get it.

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