Video of the day: 1 million euros out in the fields. Watch if you can stand it.

The car you can see, is one of the most expensively produced models in the world. It costs 1 million euros.

Yes, there’s Maybach, but nothing can compare to the glamour emanating from a Rolls. To get a better picture, a dictionary that includes drawings, should have a photo of the Phantom next to the word “lux”.

It is said that the inside consists of 402 pieces of leather, and that it took 15 days of full-time work to attach wooden surfaces to the right areas. It goes without saying that most components are assembled by hand.

If you take a closer look, it looks like the Love Boat. OK, it almost does. Its length is 5.8 meters.

Quite simply, this is the last vehicle on the planet you would want to get your hands on, in order to perform stunts. Or maybe not?

The following video is highly revealing, and just barely not restricted. Just like soft porn.

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