A Harry Potter store at platform 9 3/4 of King’s Cross is now open

If your way leads you to London, it would be interesting to take a walk through the recently renovated King’s Cross station. Besides taking a tour through the historical station, built in 1852, a Harry Potter store is also open, between platforms 9 and 10, since Saturday December 15th.

There, you can find all necessary items a child needs, in order to have a school year at Hogwarts, like clothing, capes, magic wands, or schoolbooks.

If you just want to buy souvenirs, a down-to-scale copy of the tri-wizard tournament cup seems like a good idea. There is also quite an elegant display of horcruxes, all objects where Voldemort hid pieces of his soul.

The store has been made as a copy of the shop where kids in the popular book series, went to buy theor first magic wands, which was Olivander’s.

With a wooden floor, paneled walls, with racks and bookshelves, a large round table in the center, and the Harry Potter music theme playing on speakers.

Next we go to London, we think we’ll pay a visit to platform 9 and 3/4 to get a Gryffindor-colored Quidditch cape. How about you?

Source : The Guardian

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