A security breach puts the Samsung Galaxy S3, Meizu and others at risk

The people at XDA Developers have a lot to be proud of, and this is one of them. A user, nicknamed alephzain, pointed out a vulnerability on various Samsung devices, which allows remote access to a phone’s physical memory. What’s the risk? One can erase your data, or -very-discretely- use it.

This breach has been confirmed on devices using the Exynos 4210 and 4412 chipsets, as well as Samsung’s kernels. Such devices are the Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, Note 10.1, Note 2, and the Meizu MX, among others.

Samsung has been made aware of this issue, but has made no official statement. Keep in mind there are no indications of any existent apps that take advantage of this security breach. Also, this vulnerability does not concern any other devices that do not incorporate said processor models. In any case, we are waiting for Samsung to provide an official solution.

Sources : The Next Web, The Verge, Project Voodoo

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