Are violent movies to blame or not?

Hollywood keeps reacting to the unbelievable tragedy that plagued a school in Connecticut, through statements by many famous stars, who talk about whether the cinema industry should be held responsible or not. And it seems they have contrasting views.

When Jamie Foxx talked during the promotion of Django Unchained, an especially violent spaghetti western film by Quentin Tarantino, he said that “actors cannot ignore the fact that cinematic violence can have an impact on people. We cannot turn our backs and say that violence in movies, or anything else we do, has no effect. It has.”

On the other hand, Samuel Jackson does not seem to agree, as he told during an interview with The Los Angeles Times, that he does not believe movies or videogames have anything to do with this. He went on to say “I do not believe this is about better gun control. I grew up in the South, with guns everywhere, and we never shot anybody. This has to do with people who never learnt the value of life. We have to stop mentally disturbed people from having access to guns.”

Who would you agree with?

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