The easiest way to explore mount Everest

This is the way to explore every aspect of the Everest, even if you are on your home’s couch. This is a unique picture with a resolution of 2 billion pixels, which reveals the secrets of the highest mountain in the world.

Director David Breashers had climbed the Everest several times during his active career, to create a documentary for this imposing mountain. Now, he has also created a really amazing photo of the mountain, as well as the Khumbu glacier, earlier this year.

It has been edited together by 400 different shots, using a 300 mm zoom lens. It’s now online, and you can zoom in on it, discovering every detail it contains. You can see mountaineers during a climb, and even a cabin, in unbelievable detail, all from the comfort of your couch.

This is a photo worth a lot more than a thousand words, as the saying goes. Watch the impressive photo, right here.

Source : Gizmodo

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